About Us


The Pasadena Ballroom Dance Association was organized in 1983 by sisters Erin & Tami Stevens as a way to promote all forms of social dancing. The classes generally run in a 6-week, progressive series all year 'round. 

We offer Beginning thru Advanced group classes (& private lessons) in Ballroom Dancing and all styles of Swing Dancing: Jitterbug (Eastcoast Swing), Lindy Hop, Westcoast Swing, and Balboa, plus Tango, Salsa and more! 

Erin and Tami Stevens...The Stevens sisters are recognized for their enormous contribution in "bringing back Swing" in the 1980's--eventually seeing it's peak resurgence in the 1990's.  In the early 1980's Erin and her dance partner at the time, Steven Mitchell, flew to N.Y. to study with Savoy Lindy Hopper Al Minns.  Al Minns passed away in 1985, and soon after, Erin became aware of the name Frankie Manning.  She sought him out, and although Manning claimed he had retired from dance, and couldn't/wouldn't give them lessons, he did agree to meet them at a local New York City club.  That's all it took for Erin and Steven to jump back on an airplane and fly to New York for the meeting.  After watching them dance, Manning thought enough of their dancing to escort them to his apartment in Queens for a private lesson.  From 1986 forward, Frankie Manning made twice-annual visits to Pasadena where he continued to teach both Erin and Tami in private lessons and conducted workshops for their Pasadena Ballroom Dance Assoc. students.  Erin has always said that while Al Minns taught her tricks and aerials, it was Frankie Manning who taught her the basic heart and soul of the Lindy Hop.  Manning always referred to the Stevens' as "his California Family." As the resurgence of Swing Dance blossomed in the 1990's, Erin and Tami hosted their annual June event (the Granddaddy of the American Swing Camps), "Swing Camp Catalina" bringing thousands of swing dancers from around the world together on Catalina Island (1994-2004).  1999 saw the largest attendance at the camp with 1,800 students registered, and an additional 460 attendees at the Saturday night dance in Catalina's historic Casino Ballroom.  In 2012, they were contracted to author the textbook: "Swing Dancing" (a reference guide to the history of Swing). Featured in various films, news articles and television productions, the two sisters were also honored to dance, two separate years, aboard floats in the Pasadena Tournament of Roses, "Rose Parade" on New Years Morning.


Erin Stevens

Erin Stevens is a co-owner of Pasadena Ballroom Dance Association and a world renowned Swing dancer. She is experienced in all forms of Ballroom dance but, is best known for her study of, and dance expertise in, the Lindy Hop style of swing. Credited with bringing the Father of Lindy Hop, Frankie Manning, out of dance retirement in the 1980’s, she was greatly influential in igniting the 2nd era of Swing (in the 90s). She has traveled extensively, teaching Lindy Hop across the United States, Australia, Singapore, Japan and throughout Europe. As a featured soloist for the American Movie Classics television special "Gotta Dance,”  in 1998 Erin was flown to Washington D.C. to dance at the White House for President Clinton. Her swing number was televised as part of the PBS special "Stomp, Slide, Swing: In Performance at the White House".

Tami Stevens

Tami is a co-owner of Pasadena Ballroom Dance Association and teaches all forms of Ballroom, Latin and Swing. She has taught internationally and has many television, newsprint and movie credits to her name. For many years she was a featured instructor/performer for Walt Disney Productions, and Disneyland (hosting Carnation Plaza's "Jump Jive Boogie Swing Party" & "Mickey's Mambo Club."   As author of the hardcover textbook: "Swing Dancing" an ABC-Clio publication (a reference guide to the History of Swing), she is frequently hired as a guest speaker for various groups and events.

Scott Price

As an instructor at Pasadena Ballroom Dance Association, Scott wears many hats. He specializes in the Lindy Hop, and along with Erin and Tami keeps Swing dance growing in Pasadena. He has accompanied Erin and Tami (twice!) dancing on a float on New Years Day in the Tournament of Roses Parade. He has also taught internationally, and is a remarkable Tango dancer as well!