SATURDAY, MAY 26th is World Lindy Hop Day and we'll be celebrating it, along with Frankie Manning's Birthday AND THE 35th ANNIVERSARY OF PBDA!  

Guest instructors this day include: Rob & Diane Van Haaren (from Texas), Jacob Wigger, Dauphine Laurens, & Augie Freeman (along with Erin & Tami and Scott of PBDA).  There'll be vendors at the evening Dance (Bleyers shoes! Vintage clothing, "Swing" Jewelry & more!) plus special performances, extra fun...and Phat Cat Swinger!   Join us:

10:00 - 11:00 AM:

Rm: A   Intermediate Lindy Hop-Cool Moves with Rob & Diane                                                                     Rm: B   Intermediate Jitterbug-Frankie's Favorite 6-Count Moves with Tami & Scott


11:00 - Noon:

Rm: A   Int/Adv Lindy Hop-Trickerations with Rob & Diane                                                                             Rm: B   Intermediate Jitterbug-6-Count Meets 8-Count (fun combos) with Tami & Scott


12:15 - 1:15 PM:

Rm A   Intermediate Lindy Hop-Styling Steps with Jacob & Delphine                                                            Rm B   Beginning Collegiate Shag with Rob & Diane

-------------------------- LUNCH -----------------------------------------------------

3:30 - 4:30 PM

Rm A   Intermediate Balboa-Fun & Flashy Steps with Jacob & Delphine                                                       Rm B   Intermediate Swing Movement-Walk the Walk & Talk the Talk with Augie & Erin


4:30 - 5:30 PM

Rm A   Int/Adv Lindy Hop-Back Charleston Moves with Rob & Diane                                                            Rm B   Intermediate Balboa-Cool Moves with Augie & Delphine


All Classes $20 each at Door; OR FULL DAY PASSPORT $80 (Includes All Classes PLUS The Evening Dance!)    To register for this special day of FUN, just 'show up' and we'll sign you in right there at the door!  

        THEN...PHAT CAT SWINGER plays 8-11:30 pm; (with a Swing Lesson preceding the Dance from 7:30-8pm).  $20 admission to the Dance includes the Lesson, snacks, refreshments, door prizes, & more festivities!  (Sorry, no "Dance Dollars" accepted this special night).