We offer Beginning thru Advanced group classes (& private lessons) in Ballroom Dancing and all styles of Swing Dancing: Jitterbug (East Coast Swing), Lindy Hop, Smooth Lindy/Westcoast Swing, and Balboa, plus Tango, Salsa and more! Click to see the schedule Swing | Ballroom | Workshops  

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Class descriptions

East Coast Swing

This is the easiest style for beginners to learn--a good place to start! Coming straight out of the Lindy (as a 6-count "break-step"), the East Coast Swing (sometimes called 'Jitterbug') evolved into a dance all its own. It is danced to up-tempo swing sounds, and is easy and fun to learn!

Lindy Hop

From the late 1920s and early 30s, Lindy Hop is the original style of swing with an 8-count circular basic. With lots of kicks and “character moves”, it’s the most “show-stopping” style.

 Smooth Lindy / West Coast Swing

This style of Lindy is sometimes called 'Smooth,' 'Westcoast Swing,' or 'Hollywood Style,' and is the official State Dance of California! It moves on a straight line slot, and combines 6-count and 8-count rhythms using triple steps.

Jitterbug Stroll

This popular dance was created at the “Jitterbug” dance club in London and is now done at Swing camps the world over.

The Madison

This 1950s dance was featured in the film “Hair Spray” and is enjoying a strong revival.

Shim Sham

This is a classic Swing/Tap dance from the ’30s and ’40s. At PBDA we close our Saturday Night Swing Dances with it every week.


Originating in Southern California, Balboa is a smooth eight count dance done in a tightly closed position with subtle and intricate footwork. It allows an easy break (a chance to breathe!) during fast swing songs.

 Collegiate Shag

Popular around the country in the 1930s, this dance is done close to your partner with fast and fancy footwork. Similar to Balboa, it has a look and feel all its own.

Rhythm and Turns

This class will help you to feel the rhythm and timing of turns and to understand the footwork of various types of spins.

Performance Class for Swing Dancers

(Level II and Up, in ANY STYLE OF SWING) Learn a choreographed Swing routine with the goal of performing at our own Saturday Night Swing Dances!

Dips and Tricks

(For All Styles of Swing) Learn some of those flashy moves that don’t require mats or spotters (no aerials here) that will “wow” an audience.

Swing Rueda

(Must know Lindy Hop basic step.) Learn this fun dance that uses a “caller” and continuously changes partners while moving in a circle.


This class generally includes the Foxtrot, Waltz, Cha Cha and Rumba.

American Tango 

This is the style seen in "Mad Hot Ballroom" — easy to lead with dips and fans, it bridges nicely into the Argentine Style.

Argentine Tango

This original style of the dance, created in Buenos Aires, introduces the "Argentine" technique, with dips, cortes and Argentine footwork.

Freestyle Foxtrot

An open box-step for dancing to the slow ballads of singers like Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald. This dance will get you moving like Fred & Ginger!

Viennese Waltz & Polka

These European dances will get you ready for Oktoberfest, and are a fun addition to your dance repertoire.


These classes get you ready to enjoy the numerous Salsa clubs in Southern California. (Sometimes we throw in the popular Bachata and Merengue as well, in a "Latin Mix" offering).

Street Hustle 

This dance, done to a Disco beat, was popular in the 1980’s and is back in popularity again! Crazy fun.

Country Western

Traditional Country Western Two-Step will have you gliding around the dance floor and performing cool moves in no time!

Swing Movement!

Hone your moves in this aerobic "WORK-OUT" class,  based on individual movement set to a variety of Swing sounds.

Ballroom 2-Step

What to use to slow dance with flair. This easy to learn and versatile style of dance works well to contemporary slow music.

Blues Dancing

The art of Slow Dancing to those very slow tunes (such as the Etta James version of "At Last" or B.B. King songs).